We strongly encourage you to explore both sides of animal welfare and environmental discussions and form your own opinions. Below are some resources for better understanding animal husbandry, housing and management practices.

None of the links below are managed or populated by our lab, and we provide them only as references.

Commercial Animal Farms

Animal Husbandry Guidelines

Professional organizations have produced and published guidelines and standards for the husbandry of managed animals and the design of facilities for managed animals.

Animal husbandry for agriculture is not currently regulated by federal law in the United States, though some states have laws for specific scenarios. The agricultural industry is recognized as a profession, and self-regulates. Below are some links to industry groups with specific animal management regulations.

In 2012, a bill was proposed that would apply federal mandate to the husbandry of laying hens. A review version was introduced in 2013. This bill has not been passed into law as of early 2014.

Views on animal welfare vary in different parts of the world. For example, in Europe, all animal care is governed by rules and regulations set by the European Union and individual countries, with steep economic penalties for non-compliance.

Waste Management

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We are not an activist organization or in support of any political agenda. We focus on science-based decision-making and systems assessment.

We do not endorse any national non-profit organizations and encourage supporting your local animal shelters and rescues for supporting hands-on animal care or supporting research and education for generating proactive solutions to larger welfare challenges.