Student Presentations and Posters

Poster maker D Anderson. 2013. Outdoor Weather Characterization for a Swine Transport Assessment
Poster maker J Cloud. 2013. Load Cells for Poultry Location Tracking
Poster maker J Cordova. 2013. Enrichment Value of Door Materials to Caged Laying Hens
Poster maker S Yang. 2013. Machine Vision Tracking Using Retro - Reflective Tags for Animal Occupancy Analysis
Poster maker K Kroscher. 2012. Modification of Behavior Patterns in Grazing Beef Cattle by Repetitive Positive Reinforcement. Illinois Summer Research Symposium. Champaign, IL
Poster maker M Morris. 2012. Validation of an Automatic Liquid Feeding System in Piglets. Illinois Summer Research Symposium. Champaign, IL.
Poster maker B Ramirez. 2012. Ventilation Quantification using a Critical Orifice for Flow Measurement
Poster maker W Zheng. 2012. Task Based Learning and Memory in Laying Hens
Poster maker K Kroscher. 2011. Cattle Temperament and Response to Positive Reinforcement During Handling. NSF-Funded UIUC New Biology Program Open House. July 27, 2011. ACES Library Heritage Room.
Poster maker A Paula. 2011. Sampling Frequency and Duration for Behavioral Analysis and Effectiveness of Electronic Tracking
Poster maker P Paulausky. 2011. Work Analysis and Data Collection for Passageway Preference Chamber. 1st Place Winner. ASABE Undergraduate Student Poster Competition. Louisville, KY: ASABE.
Poster maker B Ramirez. 2011. A Rotation Analysis to Evaluate the Performance of a GPS Collar for Cattle
Poster maker L Anliker. 2010. Quantifying the Effects of Atmospheric Pressure on Ammonia Sensors. ASABE Undergraduate Student Poster Competition. Pittsburgh, PA: ASABE.
Poster maker J Carr. 2010. Meaningful Assessment of Behavior in the Study of Laying Hen Preference
Poster maker C Chu. 2009. Microbial Ecology and Environmental quality in Egg-Laying Facilities
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